Wednesday 15 August 2012

End of the MIA Training, Problem Solving for 2 more Trainees and Birthday climbing with Jamie B

 Derek demonstrating a self lining technique
 MIA Navigation, get it right and teach something too
 Neil nipping up another route for me to generate a problem on (Styx Buttress Right Wall)
 Paul on Cross 3, a well protected Diff traverse...just before his second "dislocated his shoulder.... over the sea"
 Birthday boy on Damnation VS 4b/4c depending on which guidebook you believe
 Mr. B following me on Resurrection 
And celebrating his 44th at the crux of Iche
The 2nd from final day of the Glenmore Lodge MIA Training we spent a day looking at strategies for teaching Lead Climbing. We gave the guys a run down on different rope work options before heading to Kingussie Crag for them to practise on some awkward clients (Derek, Jon and myself.... drawing on our experience of past clients :-)
On the final day we looked at the standard of navigation required for MIAs and some navigation teaching techniques before saying farewell to the guys. A great team from a really wide variety of backgrounds- hope to see you all practising on the hills and back for successful assessments.
Monday I was back in Glen Nevis with Paul and Neil. The guys are both coming up on MIA assessment imminently and wanted a day to run through some problem solving scenarios. So it was assisted and unassisted hoists, lowering and abseiling past knots, ascending to retrieve stuck abseilers, escaping the system to assist students and dealing with casualties fallen off of a traverse. Plenty done and plenty to think about.
Tuesday was spent with the family (Sandy's first day at Nursery) and today I was out with big Jamie, It was his birthday today and we climbed a string of VS4c/5as (with a cheeky wee solo of a VDiff) in Glen Nevis. It was blowing gale, warm, dry and the midges were all blown out over the Atlantic! Grand day.

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