Saturday 25 August 2012

Last week busy working an MIA Assessment

 Nathan working next door to us
 Stepover, Huntly' Cave
 Dead Tree Wall, Huntly's Cave
 Kaeryn on the lead
 Bein Eighe behind
 Torridonian giants
 Steeper ground
Lat week I was working for Glenmore Lodge on an MIA Assessment. On monday I was left to the paperwork whilst the team headed in to Coire an t Sneachda to climb on 4c ground. After that we were at Huntly's Cave for problem solving and again for teaching climbing (showery days but Huntly's gave us dry rock and a breeze to keep the midges off, it was also perfect for our mock students' needs) then Liathach in Torridon for the mountain day before a last half day looking at tracking Navigation in the Cairngorms.
Its a high pressure week for the guys. Their logbooks reflected how much effort they had put in preparing for this assessment. The 5 day's of activity are designed to examine all the major roles and MIA could fill- which is quite a lot to look at in a short time!
Well done to the guys and congratulations for the major effort last week. They looked tired at the end of it all.... and so was I!

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