Saturday 22 September 2012

A day in the east...

Today I was working 1 day of an MIA Training course at Glenmore Lodge. The theme of the day was teaching leading and after I did a short indoor session on 'flow' and arousal and the skills needed to get our students leading Jon went through some different rope systems out on the towers. Then it was off to Kingussie for the 2 off us to get coached in our leading by the Trainees (this is an opportunity for us to demonstrate all of the errors past students have tried to get themselves in whilst learning to lead with us!).
A stunning day for the paddling, biking and NGB groups out from the Lodge today- snow on the plateau and even firm neve being reported on the upper part of Ben Nevis!
Still summer for me though- rock climbing in the west tomorrow.
 Snow on the Cairngorms
 Self lining on the towers
Sunny and busy at the Lodge

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