Friday 28 September 2012

More new MIAs

 Matt leading at Dunkeld
 Matt showing a progression for his students
 Paul making quick work of Curved Ridge
 Mountaineering Instructors' work- scrambling and rock climbing (Guy Steven on Agag's Groove)
The crux of the matter
Another few days on an MIA Assessment at Glenmore Lodge. We were looking at the candidates ability to construct a climbing progression for their mock students at Polney crag at Dunkeld, to take their students on a mountain journey including some roped scrambling in Glencoe and to navigate and coach navigation in the Cairngorms. Congratulations to the 3 new MIA holders!
If you know a novice climber who would like to benefit from some free instruction as a mock student on one of these assessments please see the Glenmore Lodge website here.

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