Friday 7 September 2012

Another busy week...

...and another MIA Assessment at Glenmore Lodge. It takes a real commitment to amass the experience  of climbing, mountaineering and instructing to undertake this assessment and then its a busy week when it comes round: demonstrating the ability to guide at VS4c or harder and to manage a descent from a crag, technical climbing problem solving with more climbing up to VS, mountaineering with real students, instructing climbing to the same real students and teaching navigation. Here are few pics from a busy week.
 Huntly's Cave
 The Gutter
 3 Pines
 Hanging around at the belay
 Pulling through
 On the Fiacaill of Sneachda
 Afterthought Arete
 A belay in the sun
 The Loch Avon basin
Climbers on Fingers Ridge

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Howellsey said...

Some great photos there, love the one of the rainbow.