Tuesday 26 February 2013

Belting day on Orion

We knew we were getting up too late... but we didn't care. We knew there were 4 teams ahead of us but what the heck? Guy and I wanted to have our cake and eat it so we went to Orion Direct and had a stunning... if rather long day. The climbing was fine but I reckon we spent 3 and a half to 4 hours waiting at/for belays. We marvelled at some of the awful lack of communication above us (no he isn't 'safe' yet and he wasn't when you asked him last pitch.... or the one before that....) and chatting with some very pleasant fellow pilgrims on the stances.
The weather was stunning, the climbing largely good (although the ice on the traverse has now been chopped almost out of existence- your lead Guy...) and so what if we burnt some head torch batteries on the walk out? Video tomorrow- here are a couple of pics for now:
 Pitch the second
 The future of Mountaineering Instruction... bumming rollies on a belay :-)
 The crux traverse.... its thinner than it looks, especially after that big bit someone knocked off...
 Mad for it
 Are we nearly there yet?
We are now...


Ian said...

Looks to have been a great day. I have just worked out that it was about 27 years ago, when I did it. Still my favourite Scottish Winter route.

I have always wanted to do it again. It would be good to do it for my sixtieth in 2 years!


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