Monday 25 February 2013

More Ben awesomeness. Tower Scoop and Gully.

Frank was back for another winter day out today after his exploits on Ledge Route and Golden Oldy at the end of last year (and I see my pic of him on the latter makes a double page spread in Trail Mag this month after he sent it in).
he was looking to try something II/III so we wandered into Observatory Gully with me thinking of Gardyloo as a possibility. The sight of teams on Zero (well a soloist), Hadrians, Orion and Point 5 had him gaping so when I pointed to Tower Scoop and suggested he get on his first ice climb he was mad for it. The ice was good but unfortunately Frank had eaten something that disagreed with him violently and we must apologise for the 6 foot vomit stain down the first pitch (spectacular technicolor yawn). Despite being pretty wiped out by being sick Frank wanted to continue so we finished the second pitch (lovely and steep finish) and I ran the rope out 4 times in quick succession to take us up Tower Gully to bask in the sun. Well done Frank for toughing it out. I think the sunshine and views kept him going on the long walk down!
It was a sociable day chatting with Paul from Ascent, Dave R and his team from PYB, Andy from Jagged Globe (soloed Orion) and Tim N (also of PYB) who was on a mission. Tim soloed Zero, down Tower Gully, up Observatory Buttress- and across to finish up Indicator Wall, back down Tower Gully, up Orion Direct and down (you guessed it) Tower Gully and up Point 5. Machine.
The long walk up Obsevatory Gully
I want to climb that!
 Looking down pitch the first (vomit stain discretely out of shot)
 View down pitch 2 from the last moves
Frank topping out from Tower Scoop
 An unusual perspective on Tower Gap
 Still going
 Tower Gully belay
 Are we nearly there yet?
First time on top of the Ben! Its always like this.... honest....

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