Saturday 23 March 2013

Meall Cumhann

Today was supposed to be the first day of 2 for Richard and Richard doing some winter mountaineering with me. A cancelled flight last night meant a late arrival at lunchtime today and with the lack of time and the strong winds we headed up Glen Nevis to Meall Cumhann to get on some steep and rocky ground. we did some ropework in ascent before abseiling off. The lower part of the ridge gave us some shelter from the wind and a little ice to go with large amounts of blown snow.

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Anatole said...

We opted for the easy trail up to Dun Deardail in the end. It was very gusty with quite a few trees down. May have a stab at Gulvain tomorrow if the wind is not too bad.

Thanks for the advice - Meall Cumhann looks like it might be a good choice for us once the wind abates a bit.