Saturday 15 November 2014

Another day-another wall-Orkney

CWA Assessment at the Pickaquoy Centre on Orkney today. 6 successful candidates (just 1 First aid ticket outstanding) all worked with some local mock students this morning giving them good sessions and encouraging some more members of the local community to make regular use of the wall in Kirkwall. Wild weather outside and only occasional calm indoors as there was some very 'traditional' sports coaching going on in other parts of the hall (mostly involving roaring at children and blowing a whistle very hard :-( One of the parents of the climbers was heard to mutter he was going up rugby and taking up climbing!!
 Gareth warming up his team
 Larger group warmup
 The 'Picy' wall
 Ella in the bouldering room
 Plenty going on
 You can swing my bell
 Pete and Donna's coaching aid
Its all about the centre of gravity

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