Wednesday 12 November 2014

FUNdamentals 3

Yesterday I made the journey to Transition Extreme in Aberdeen to work with Jon from Glenmore Lodge on the first MCofS FUNdamentals 3. This third in the group of workshops looking at the 'what' of climbing movement is about applying climbing technique in steep ground. The BMC have done a lot of work in developing this in particular Katherine Schirrmacher and Tom Randall and today we had a great team for our first F3 workshop north of the border. those on the course included climbing wall mangers and staff, MICs, Guides, new routers in the higher E grades, strong Alpinists, rock and winter climbers- people with a broad background in climbing AND coaching. This meant we were in for an exciting time as everything we said was examined under a microscope and discussed by some very experienced people keen to engage with the concepts and exercises; Jon and I were working hard and loving it! i'll be reflecting on today's course and how its lessons feed into my future ones for a while to come.
 Centre of Gravity and base of support
 Bill getting steeper
 Jon explaining the next step
 Paul frogging
 Bill providing Rachael with some support
 Pete showing us how its done
 Murdo's toe hook explained by Ibrahim
 Andy's toe hook slap
 Rachael jumping like a B.O.S.S
Ibrahim getting ghostly

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