Friday 30 January 2015

Cairngorm Mini-break WML Assessment Snowholing

I've been out for the last 3 days and 2 nights working on an MTS WML Assessment for Glenmore Lodge. We battled in in poor weather on wednesday morning and spent most of the rest of the day digging in. Derek and I had a capacious snow hole with plenty of head room and a door sized just right to not let too much warm air out but not so small in would drift in. Yesterday we journeyed from near Cairngorm to Ben Macdui and back again returning to the snow hole site after dark. The weather was better than expected but gave us enough poor visibility to allow an assessment of the candidates navigation and leadership. After 10 hours of almost constant travel (they didn't seem to want a break- must have wanted to get it over!) we were back at the holes after a glimpse of stunning clarity of Orion and the moon overhead. I crawled in to find Derek safely tucked in bed deciding it was time for dinner and made a quick video tour for my son who was fascinated by the idea of me being in a cave in the snow.
This morning it just remained to pack cup and undertake a last few legs and, like all good assessments, a little further training on the way out. Well done to those who passed, I hope those who didn't have a clear idea of what is required of Award holders.
 The walk in
 A very Scottish experience (I've climbed in most of the major mountain ranges of the world- except the Alps, saving them for retirement- on all seven continents, but only Scotland does this to me!)
 A bed for the night
 Ready for a big day out!
 Game on!
 This weather is too good for an Assessment...
 That's a bit better….
 Now we're talking!
The last legs (in more way than one!)

Feels like I've been well exfoliated!

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