Monday 12 January 2015

Winter in the Cairngorms

Well after the AMI AGM the family came east for the day and built snow men, enormous snowballs, most of an igloo, skied and sledged (and went to the cafe of course). Then the snow melted lots yesterday pm. But that's ok because it came back again today!
I'm working an Advanced Winter Skills course for Glenmore Lodge with 6 students who all have winter skills experience already and want to take it a little further. After some centre based discussions we went to the Ciste Gully area where it was snowing and blowing!
 Say it with cake!
 Steve Long at the AMI AGM
 Where are we>?
 Winter again
 Goggle action
 Scouring and deposition
Snow anchor session below us and a view to Ryvoan

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