Friday, 24 April 2015

4 days in the Lakes pt 2

Day 3 of our mini break and we were joined by the legend that is 'Monty' Monteith. Black Crag in Borrowdale was the venue and we had it to ourselves. Monty and I took the road less travelled with Troutdale Ridge which was a little gorsey but the holds were clean between the bushes. Then we did the Shroud with a great first corner, incredible each through the overhangs of the second pitch and a traverse to a bottomless groove on the third that my pruner, the master of understatement described as 'airy'. Bill and Sandy climbed Troutdale Pinnacle Direct, The Mortician (I remember that well from this time last year) and T P Super Direct.
 Troutdale Ridge
 Monty navigates the gorse
 Happy climber in the sun
 Sandy on Pitch 1 of the Mortician
 Monty on the soaring first corner of The Shroud
 Sandy getting to grips with the steep entry to the groove of Mortician
 Monty inspects the 'airy' traverse on P3 of The Shroud
The blues dots centre right are the team whilst I head back to prep dinner!
Fourth and final flu day of climbing and the boys humoured my desire for slabs and less polish and we headed to Sergeant Crag Slabs where I helped place the abseil bolts 4 years ago. This steep 5m slab is a relatively new addition to the local crags and boasts rough rock at a reasonable angle. We took it in turns leading and stripping routes on abseil so we could all enjoy them on the sharp end and climbed Lakeland Cragsman, Revelation and Terminator 2. Top rock, top fun.
 Sandy heading up for the bolts after Terminator 2
 Down time
 Monty the safest climber I know on 4 ropes? (2 are the abseil lines)
 An attentive belayer
 Sandy on Lakeland Cragsman
 Great route
 bill's turn on LC whilst Monty does T2
 Not a bad spot
 Stripping routes on descent
 The best climber at the crag
 Spot the clean rock
Bill feeling the fear and revealing his squirrel phobia
All in all a grand few days with some great mates, relaxing, climbing, eating, climbing, bullshitting and climbing. Thanks to Sandy for the sausages (they weren't that burnt), Bill for opening the window and not really minding our snoring (did you find those rocks in your sack yet mate?) and Monty for being a legend and showing us how its done (and, more importantly, for the beer)!

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