Sunday, 12 April 2015

Contrasting weather on SPA Trainings

Just spent 5 days running 2 SPA Trainings for West Highland College working with Mike.
The first 2 days the weather was superb and we kept on bumping into  just about everyone I know in Lochaber enjoying some dry rock. Lunchtime on day 3 was the end of the first course and the start of the second and also the last day of good weather so we spent an afternoon and an evening at the crag. Yesterday we went east to a snowy Kingussie crag but the showers blew through quickly and, although it was cool, the breed and the sunshine kept it dry and the team were psyched; 2 students led their first HSs, 1 her first VS and 1 his first HVS (in a heavy snow shower). Today we finished the second course with a trip to the Ice Factor.
Now I just need some dry rock for myself……
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