Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Ardnamurchan Rock

Top day climbing with some current and ex West Highland College at my favourite early season venue. Lots of grade pushing and mileage going on. Well done to Kate leading Yir and Greta Gabbro and to Ben for his first VS!
After a lightly damp warm up I had fun sprinting up the top pitch of Volcane ahead of a shower (there were a few and it was freezing when the sun went away) and after the seeps dried out enjoyed Up Pompei (bottom end E2 5b).
With 3 of the guys we then headed to Creag and Airgid to see if there were any routes to be had not in the guidebook. Will and Dan had a short pitch as did Brodie and I but the rock was the roughest I've ever climbed on- massive gabbro crystals pitting our palms and making us unwilling to put fingers into cracks because of a slip. Worth it for the view atop this wee hill though!
 Dan dodging the seeps and the cold wind waving the ropes!
 Bright between showers
 Dan on P1 Crater Comforts
 Dan racing up P2 of Volcane before the next shower
 Kate on Yir
 Kate on Yir and Will getting to the run out crux of Up Pompei
 Ben and Magnus on Greta Gabbro
 Dan following Up Pompeii P1
 Dan on the steeper but short P2 of Up Pompei
 Edith following Kate on one of the Variation P2s of Yir
 Perfect rock, great view doesn't get much better!
 Kate finding faith in friction of Greta Gabbro
 Brodie questing for a new route 
 Ouch- I know my hands have been in gloves for months but that is ROUGH
 Will searching for climbing not in the guidebook
The Ring in Spring!

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