Tuesday 9 February 2016

A golden day on Golden Oldy

Today Was a great reminder of why we do the winter game. The previous grim days this season fade rapidly in the face of a stunner like today. Steve and I went to the West face of Aonach Mor taking advantage of the early Nevis Range gondola. As we walked towards the golden lit hills of the west we said hello to Giles and Johannes who were off to Aonach Beag and Lucy and Wally who were heading for Gendarme Ridge and then put our heads down for Golden Oldy. The trail of those who were there yesterday meant we were gearing up not far below the first belay an hour and half later.
I wore a soft shell only again! I wore thin fleece gloves! The sun shone and the wind refrained from blowing. It clouded in just as we topped out for lunch at the summit and although we stopped to chat to Brian and Brodie on the plateau and Gill on the slopes we were still in the cafe for a brew and a beer by mid afternoon. Steve was cruising today and we fair flew up the route!
Happy days!!
 Heading for the golden lit hills of the west
 Lucy and Wally gearing up below Gendarme and a team following us to Golden Oldy
 Stunning light through the col
 Last bit to the climb
 Here we go!
 The gendarme of Gendarme Ridge against another cobalt blue sky!
 Carn Mor Dearg with Ben Nevis just poking out behind
 High above the Allt Daim
 Wally on the crest in the shade and Lucy just below in the sun
 "Not bad is it?"
 Happy climber
 Half way there
 Narrower and flatter
 The thin bit
 Steve posing
 On the plateau
 I can see my house from here!
Plenty of skiers enjoying the snow too

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