Wednesday 17 February 2016

Stob Ban (Damn you social media!;-)

Entirely my own fault. I've contributed to making folk more aware of a route so I shouldn't be surprised when I turn up and 8 people are in front of me on it!
I was looking for good leading ground for Callum at IIish, IIIish and the East Ridge (should really be Buttress) of the North Buttress (should really be Ridge) of Stob Ban again fit the bill.
We caught the 4 pairs as they were kitting up but then soloed up past the lowest pitch to slip in behind the front team where the good climbing starts. I soloed whilst Callum and Gill swapped leads (apologies to the pair who had to wait for us for 5-10 minutes on that first pitch- after that though we were well out of your way) over 9 pitches of climbing. Much better weather than I expected- shame Callum's blister needs a rest day tomorrow!
 Developing Cal's blister
 Our first pitch
 And our second
 The big flat (where a team of 3 joined the party well behind us)
 Looking down on the next team below on the big flat bit
 The path far below
 Swinging leads
 "Flick the rope"
 Cal finishes the tower
 One efficient party ahead
 Gill enjoying her first time on this route
 You can't scratch your head with a helmet on Cal!
 The first thin bit
 Gill approaching a belay
 Cal on the second thin bit
 Gill follows
 Break time
 Down time
 Nice weather
2 climbers about to descend the bad step on the North Ridge

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