Sunday 29 July 2012

CWA TCA Part the second

Day 2 of our CWA Training and we were at the excellent TCA Glasgow again in the morning. As well as looking at group warmups and the process between training and assessment we had a good look at then basics of climbing movement and the way the centre of gravity can be used in a static and dynamic context.
Then this afternoon it was off to Lapwing Lodge to use the climbing tower that forms part of their high ropes course. We had a friendly reception and looked at some creative approaches to peer belaying as well as the towrope and abseil module.
 Understanding the Centre of Gravity.... or was it the Gay Gordons?
 Hands low climbing
 Encouraging better footwork
 The high ropes course at Lapwing Lodge
On the tower
A great 2 days with 9 keen and interesting folk.

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