Saturday 14 July 2012

Rock climbing MOT

 Pinnacle Ridge
 3 Pines
 Flying Dutchman
 Flying Dutchman 4c Finish
 Not THE most substantial abseil anchor
Today I was out with Matt for an MOT on his rock climbing. He's worked his way up to leading VS but wanted someone to look over his gear placement and ropework. we went to Glen Nevis and were treated to a dry day, a little sun and very few midges. We started with me leading a couple of pitches on pinnacle Ridge and Mat building his own belays before he led us out the top of the route. Then we climbed 3 Pines in a pitch each and dropped down to the middle ledge on Flying Dutchman. I led the main pitch to allow Matt to get to the 4c finish which he made short work of. We abseiled off of the top of the pitch (choosing a slightly more substantial anchor than the one below). We finished the day with Matt leading the classic Resurrection and arranging another abseil from the top.

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