Sunday 27 January 2013

End of week and the weekend

So the weather was poor and we decided it was too mild to risk Oui-Oui on friday so Paul and I spent the last day of his Glenmore Lodge Winter Lead Climbing week revising and practising some of the rope work and other skills he had picked up over the week and looking in more detail at the movement involved in Scottish mixed winter climbing in the lower to mid grades. Unfortunately it turned out our decision was a wise one as a climber was badly injured when part of the route collapsed that day. All the best for a speedy recovery.
 Paul throwing shapes with the tools on the towers
Phil getting dangerous with the haggis
Since then I've stayed on at the Lodge for the AMI AGM weekend. Our chance for a social, some CPD and to discuss how the Association is doing. The continual steps to professionalise the world of British Mountain Instruction are really heartening and I'm always impressed by the steps that many of my peers go to to provide the most professional service the can. AMIs development as a true professional organisation will help ensure those standards will be applied across the board.
In between the socials (the bar finally wound down at 0330 with certain senior members of Mountain Training having only a couple of hours before being due to head climbing to the NorthWest- leading by example!) I was working with Nic from EICA and Nate of Crookes Climbing Services to come to some consensus on the interesting issue of Routesetting ropework in climbing walls (if you are interested take a look at the RSA).
Back west today and CWA Training tomorrow...

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