Thursday 10 January 2013

Lovely day but winter?? Went to Creagan Coire Cha No but we need more snow.

Well it was nice and sunny today and the grass was well rimed but the rock wasn't. The sun shone, there were brocken spectres to enjoy and I wore thin gloves all day :-)
We went to Creagan Coire Cha No in the vague hope of frozen turf (it wasn't) rimed rock (it wasn't either) and a bit of fresh snow (it was higher up Cairngorm and only a light dusting). We did get a nice sunny day and some more steep frozen snow in Recovery Gully abseiling in to climb first the right side (with a steep finish up the centre- well led Jakub) and then the left.
Milky Way, Y Gully RH and Savage Slit all had climbers on today. Some snow on those easier routes but Savage Slit must have been 'verglas tooling' as much of the rock was coated in a thin layer of unhelpful iciness.
Much chat in the press about 'snowmageddon' and winter mayhem but just contrast the Mirror who quote the Met Office as a source with what the Met actually say.
At least we are due to get a little snow tomorrow... first day the avalanche forecast hasn't been all green in ages!
PS A Glenmore Lodge student dropped an axe on the walk out from Coire an t Sneachda today so if anyone coming out late/in early tomorrow finds one I'm sure he would be delighted to get it back.