Thursday 10 April 2014

No finger prints left but happy climbers!

A last minute search for a partner saw Dan and I heading out to the ring crags of Ardnamurchan (with a rope this time after the bouldering the other day). It started breezy and there was a wee shower after our first route but the rock dries instantly and wee reaped a good few routes (Greta Gabbro VS4c, Yir P2 VS4b, Volcane Pitch 2 E1 5b and Krakatoa HVS 5b for me, Yir P2 VS 4c, Volcane P1 4c and Etna E1 5b for Dan). By the end of the day it was warmer and drier than ever. Now if only my fingertips would stop tingling- no prints left, time for the perfect crime!?

PS A friend was out there recently and stripped 2 pieces of in situ tat from the crags. We abseiled down from near the top of Yir to make it quicker to do a few routes there but Dan went up and stripped the tat at the end of the day. Its not far round and my pal is right, it too nice a spot to be leaving crag litter really.
 A great view from the crag
 Dan bringing the shoes up Greta Gabbro VS4c (low in the grade)
 Dan on Yir Pitch 1 (VS4c, bang on the money)
 Heading down
 Volcane Pitch 1 deserves its 4c
 1 of 3 Common Lizards we saw today
 Dan well into the second pitch of Volcane E15b
 Winter is over for me but here the cornice is peat!
 Dan setting of on Etna E1 5b and strenuous
 Passing the crux on Etna
Dan following Krakatoa HVS5b

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