Friday 25 April 2014

Yesterday in the Lakes

We woke to damp weather and a possibly showery forecast so we took some drastic action and headed for the coast for some sunny bouldering at St. Bees. Nice rock once the sun had hit it and after a few hours my elbows were screaming!
At the end of the day we had a few hours sit down chat about some of the avalanche training we've introduced at Glenmore Lodge- what we've learnt this year and what we want to do next year. Then it was on to some tweaks to how we will run ML courses and MIA Trainings and Assessments this year. Some good in depth chat- always impressed with how thoughtful and analytical many of my colleagues are on our work.
 Team Lodge at the seaside
 JJ getting into position for the rock over
 Derek resisting the barn door
 Giles getting up from the sit down start
 Sandy in balance
 Kev topping out

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