Tuesday 29 April 2014

Sair tips and Glen Nevis VSs

Sandy had a few routes he wanted to tick in the Glen so I said i was happy to go for a relaxing morning of VS bagging. My fingertips are getting a little tender from all this great cragging. Rich was on an admin day and joined us for a wee spell too.
We had a chilled time on Resurrection (still a little damp), Damnation, Iche and Flying Dutchman with its wee 4c finish.
Nice to see Frankie and Emma out on the rock with Graeme today too.
 Sandy on Resurrection
 seeping a little as it often does
 Sandy over the roof on Damnation
 Graeme, Emma and Frankie on The Gutter
Rich past the crux overlap and onto the delicate slab of Iche

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