Wednesday 9 April 2014

Sunny seaside bouldering

At the weekend I spent 2 days at Glenmore Lodge attending the induction for Mountain Training UK's new Lowland Leader Award (I'm now a provider) and the Hill and Mountain Skills Scheme (I'm a tutor). Interesting getting my head around 2 new and very different schemes.
Then I went west for a few days (with no phone signal or wifi- hope you are all impressed) with the family. We stayed in a ger, paddled on the beach, played in the rocks, spotted seals, explored the woods , enjoyed the sun and ate good food. I was even good enough to be sent out for a couple of hours bouldering amongst the endless pillow lavas of Ardnamurchan where the friction is so good you'ld have to throw yourself off to fall!
 George Mc explaining the day
 Kaye on the beach
 Inside the ger
 Jane and Sandy seal watching
 A view of the beach
 God's own rock
Gabbro bouldering

 One of my favourite bits of Scotland

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