Wednesday 4 March 2015

Back to the Mess of Pottage

Yesterday was my second and final day of Intro Winter Climbing with Christian and Aaron. I really wanted a day where I knew they would be able to build a range of belays over a few more pitches of climbing and that would give us a safe aspect for the approach. So we went back to the Mess of Pottage which was busy (the Guides Winter test is on this week and they were making quick work of the short routes on the crag) but everyone still managed to climb without needing to queue.
We climbed Jacobs Left Edge with the guys doing much of the rope work and enjoying the steeper couple of steps on the 4 pitches. It was a little blowy again as we headed for windy col where we dug a snow bollard to abseil back into the Coire. Finally we traversed back under the ctag (lots of soft slab building) to a big boss of blue ice to build an ice screw thread to finish our day.

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