Sunday 22 March 2015

Good work, bad timing

I've just finished 7 days straight working in climbing walls and all I've been seeing online are how good the ice conditions are on the Ben! Bad timing…
…But the work has been good: I've done 2 CWA Trainings 3 CWAA Trainings, a CWA Assessment, a day moderating a great NICAS wall and a CWLA Training. I've been at The Ice Factor, Transition Extreme, Bunkhouse Bouldering, Inverness Leisure, EICA and Glasgow Climbing Centre.
Tired now, next week off, don't think I'll go to the wall…
 M Belaying
 UHI Climbers
 Belay specs
 Going down
 Over the edge
 Abseil module
 Climbing golf
 Bunkhouse Bouldering
 Warm ups
 Chasing your tail
 Relay races
 Sit on a hold
 Various peer belaying options
 A final challenge 1...
 ABC and fun! 
Team UHI Perth

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