Monday 2 March 2015

Sport Psychology Workshop and Cairngorms again

Yesterday I was on the receiving end of some great training from Jessica Tang of SportsPsychSolutions. along with several other climbing coaches I attended a workshop at TCA Glasgow allowing us to access some insights from a professional sports psychologist specialising in adventure sports. We looked at a number of concepts I've already been using (goal setting, imagery and self talk) but in greater depth and I was able to gain some useful insights from Jess.
Today I was back at Glenmore Lodge and working with Aaron and Christian who I'm introducing to winter climbing. We were working on the ground right of Jacob's Ladder today which gave icey mixed climbing at Grade II (icey enough for screws). The conditions also continued to ensure I don't need to pay for any exfoliation treatment as the spindrift was doing a good job of scouring our faces! 
This evening I also attended a lecture by Nadir Khan - a real visual treat as he shared some thoughts on how to capture dynamic images in the outdoors.

Nathan, Pit and John all applying their brains
 Intro. Winter Climbing
 Christian battling the spindrift
 Aaron getting a feel for it
 Topping out
 Calmer on the plateau

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