Thursday, 28 May 2015

Enough already!! Cold fingers wet rock.

Ok I've tried being calm and sensible and laughing it off but I'm bored of the weather now. Lets see and end to snow, rain, ming and cold. Today I took Ian and Ella to Polldubh to look at a little multi pitch rope work and I was hoping for showers but the precipitation we got was more like passing storms! Rain, sleet, a little hail, rock running with water, numb fingers and super strong gusts! We started with me leading a wet Pinnacle Ridge by its easiest line. We got no further. We gave in. Brews and chat seemed more attractive!
 Ian's wet look in his belay jacket
 Ella wondering what on earth she is doing?
 It stopped raining/sleeting/hailing momentarily
 Almost pleasant- if you could feel your fingers...
 Ian placing a last runner/drowning…
3 minutes later

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