Saturday, 16 May 2015

Wintery again!

Today I was working for the AMI running day one of a weekend workshop for 3 trainee MIAs. Today it was to be all about rock climbing. We talked about establishing the existing experience of groups and possible progressions over a brew before heading to Polldubh. We did see blue sky and sunshine a few times but there was fresh snow on the hills and hail, sleet, rain and strong winds even down in the Glens. We worked through various ways of taking folk up climbs and passing on the basics of climbing looking at pros and cons of different systems for people at different levels using 3 Pines and The Gutter to their best advantage in wet and chilly conditions. Nice to bump into Mick and 2 willing volunteers preparing for his own MIA Assessment too- respect for braving that weather guys!
 The sun DID shine today
 But there is a dusting of fresh on the tops
 And plenty of this...
 But look the top holds on this pitch have almost dried out!
And there is some dry rock under that roof!
 But it was flowing on the Gutter
Time to go home!

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