Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Foundation Coach Training

Today I directed my first full (all 12 slots taken) Foundation Coach Training at The Ice Factor in Kinlochleven with Jon Jones. We had participants from as far afield as Orkney, Inverness and Stirling as well as a few locals. Candidates were from a wide range  of backgrounds from 8a leaders, wall Managers, MIAs, CWA trainees, CWLAs and the parent of some keen climbing children and happily everyone seemed really pleased with what they were getting out of it.
The FC training covers the 'how to coach' strand of the introductory coaching award in the progression created by Mountain Training and is aimed at Coaches getting a good foundation in coaching basic skills (although many attendees will go on to use the same principles at a much higher level and with higher performance climbing students too). we looked at a little theory and some practical exercises to illustrate the importance of good observations skills, structure to sessions, designing practise, giving feedback and creating a plan, do, review…. cycle giving the candidates a chance to then apply these ideas by creating sessions based not the work they do in climbing walls.
Love the brain work involved in these courses and keen to promote more of them in Scotland- if you are interested get in touch!
 Observation skills
 Do learning styles matter?
 Tying a figure 8 a different way
 Can we vary the practise
 Students' sessions
 More varied practise 
 Foot swapping
Taking it onto the walls
JJ at work

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