Wednesday 14 October 2009

Better weather on Castle Ridge

Day 2 for Gordon and Guy was out to practise again. We fancied a slightly technically harder, but shorter, day so we went to Castle Ridge on Ben Nevis. Although initially the rock was greasy and the day started out with us hidden in damp mist things improved. As the day went on there was a layer of mist below us and thin high cloud and the odd patch of blue sky above. We took all of the difficulties as directly as possible to give a good Grade III scramble that often feels more difficult than the hard bits on Tower Ridge. Another good day and with Tower Ridge Gordon has now done 2 of The Ben's 4 classic ridges- only NE Buttress and Observatory Ridge to go!


Peter Duggan said...

Nice one, guys. But does anyone agree that Ledge Route is logically the fifth classic ridge of the Ben (in which case he's done three)? So, sure, it's easier, but aerial photos and maps tell me it belongs!

Peter Duggan said...

Oops, thought you did Ledge Route (not Aonach Eagach) yesterday! But my point still stands. :-)

Alan said...

Gordon has done Ledge Route in winter and I agree it feels the part as a 5th classic route up the Ben. Its a shame it feels quite trivial compared to the others.