Saturday 10 October 2009

Less snow on Ben Nevis and 'Relentless'

I went for a walk up Ledge Route this morning. Yesterday's milder temperatures have stripped a great deal of snow from Ben Nevis but there are still patches around the top of the faces overlooking Observatory Gully and high on Tower Ridge (colder weathr due again tomorrow though). Very little left on Ledge Route today just the remains of a slender cornice around the top of No. 5 Gully. There were a few people heading into Coire Leis and a pair of chaps heading to 'take a look at' Tower Ridge (hope they got on all right as I think one was in jeans and the other had his rock boots and 2 insulated mugs clipped to the outside of his sack (?) - its raining hard now, probably sleet high up). On the descent there was proof that the charity walk season isn't over - a team of 2 dozen well spread out and a mob of 140 odd walking mostly in one team!
Back at Torlundy I headed along to support a few friends forming teams or solo riders at Relentless the 24 hour mtb marathon at Nevis Range- good luck to you all and your support crews (I'd love to say I'll be thinking of you at 2am but hopefully I'll be asleep).

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