Friday 2 October 2009

Ledge Route, rain and a little snow

Lesley harboured a desire to climb Ben Nevis and despite never really having been hillwalking before was keen to try something a little less monotonous than the pony track. We went to Ledge Route starting on a misty, damp morning. Passing the CIC hut you can make out the new porch on the right. As we climbed and the day went on things got slowly wetter and windier but it was only after we got back that things really turned nasty. There was a very little wet snow on the very summit that must have fallen last night and it looks like there will more of the same along with very strong gales tomorrow. Looks like a day of paperwork and bike maintenance for me- good luck to those I know are working on the hill! I've included a photo of a fine orange peel fungus on the track to the N Face car park.

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