Monday 26 October 2009

Pipedreams coming true

I made it back from the Lakes today and other than an hour on the Drytooling wall have had a rest day. I've also received an awesome new sleeping bag courtesy of Alpkit.
They have sent me their Pipedream 800 lightweight goosedown sleeping bag to help me fulfill my own 'pipedream'. Next summer I'm off to climb in the Wakhan Corridor of North Eastern Afghanistan to finally explore an area I bought a map of for a few pennies in a climbing shop almost 20 years ago!
On first inspection the bag is almost worryingly light for a bag designed with a comfort rating of -17c. Alpkit have jigged the cut and carefully chosen the outer material to keep the weight down. Having said that it fits me like a glove at 6ft with broad shoulders, just enough airspace for insulation without any dead space that will need warming up. The loft is impressive- they send 3 different storage sacks with it and it needs some packing down after it has been released. So far I've only used it sleeping on a friends floor and it was waaaaay to warm for that. I'll give it some proper testing this winter when I'm working most of the season at Glenmore Lodge and report back again.

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Sleeping Bag said...

The Pipedream seems like a pretty high tech sleeping bag if it is that lightweight. Might have to have a look at one for my self!