Tuesday 6 October 2009

Greasy day on North East Buttress

Today I took Dan and Ali, trainee instructors from the Ice Factor, mountaineering on Ben Nevis. They managed themselves up the bottom half of North East Buttress and I took over when the going got steeper and greasier a little below the mantrap. We had a chat with a group of Marines on the summit before walking back down to Auchintee. Having almost been run over by my friend Sally on her mountainbike at Torlundy, coming on a small group of red deer just below the CIC hut and bumping into Dave Macleod with a heavy looking pack as we descended (out for a training walk) it was quite an eventful day. It was damp and chilly on the fingers and we had a couple of hail showers but there was very little snow about.

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