Wednesday 24 August 2011

Back to work

Spot the climbers on Pitch 1 of Flying Dutchman. The leader in Blue top right and the belayer in purgatory with a midge hood on bottom left.
Well done Craig!
Well its been a nice break since returning from Bolivia (A good long cycle, a check on Tower Ridge a few miles in the pool and a lot of small boy time). Today was the beginning of a concerted spell back at work though. Craig had an SPA Reassessment and I'm pleased to say that whatever scenario I set him he came up with an efficient appropriate solution (perhaps the presence of the midges and the threatening rain helped :-) and passed.
Tomorrow I begin 2 days Lochaber mountaineering work then at the weekend I have a full team of 6 for an AMI Trainee workshop before heading off to Glenmore Lodge to shadow an MIA Assessment next week. It's good to be back to it!
Alan Kimber highlighted this game on the Met Office website. By playing the game you are helping the Met Office determine what forecast formats are most easily understood by users.

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