Sunday 7 August 2011

Uno mas

Or óne more`. Just a last peak in Bolivia left to climb. We headed up to the high refugio on Huyana Potosi in unseasonaby heavy snow and with thunder shattering the soft calm around us. There was no refugio when I climbed this peak as one of my first experiences of a glacial mountain almost 20 years ago but now there is a very busy wee hut and a never ended stream of Guides and guides literally hauling people towards the summit. We camped outside in the snow and adopted a relaxed pace at 0230 the next morning (yes everyone overtook us barring Cecillio, my Bolivian colleague). It was 6 hours up and 3 down. The sunset was every bit as spectacular that which encouraged me to becoem a Mountaineering Instructor many years ago and the views from the summit also haven´t changed.
Tomorrow we head off to Illimani the mountain that dominates the La Paz sky line (and well it might at over 6400m)

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