Friday 26 August 2011

Lochaber Mountaineering

Just spent 2 good days scrambling around Lochaber. Yesterday David, Craig and I made a quick ascent of Curved Ridge in fine weather. We crossed to Crowberry Tower and abseiled off of the top of it before heading over the summit (evicting and enormous raven en route). There was one other team out enjoying a slightly chilly looking Agags Groove and a father and son team who followed us up Curved Ridge (braver than me without helmets- plenty of loose rock on the ridge).
Today the weather seemed more mixed and as we set off for Ben Nevis it was hiding its head in the clouds. The hill fog rolled in and out all day as we climbed Tower Ridge with only the odd spot of rain. The summit had a small crowd and David looked quite overdressed in walking gear amongst the jeans and designer tops around the cairn. We crossed the plateau in poor visibility but things improved as we headed down Ledge Route and by the time we were back down near the CIC Hut the top was, of course, clear!

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