Thursday 18 August 2011

A Great Read!

If you want a good read for yourself or as a gift for a friend I can heartily recommend Pauline Sanderson's The World's Longest Climb. This is the tale of The Everstmax teams' amazing 8000km bike journey from the Dead Sea to Everest BC and then their ascent of the world's highest peak. Pauline's book has had great review's from the likes of Leo Houlding and Cameron McNeish and those of you who know her will expect a humorous and honest account of this major undertaking. It's not just for climbers although it will appeal to them. It's also a travel book and adventure tale and a love story! You can read an excerpt on UK Climbing as a sample and if you would like a copy get it from Pauline's site here.
Finally if you get a chance to see her speak on the trip- take it. She's a very funny lady!

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