Tuesday 20 May 2014

Steamy on Skye

Today I took Rachael and Duncan up Pinnacle Ridge on Sgurr Nan Gillean and it was hot, steamy and hazy all day long. Iain was along to shadow me and the chat and banter flowed all day long as we went up, over and down the Pinnacles on the way to the summit. We had a bit of a fright at the beginning of the day when a party skirting the first pinnacle on the Coire a Bhasteir side almost had a party member come to grief in a large rockfall- plenty of loose rock around off the beaten track in the Cuillin and perhaps more so in spring/early summer. We descended the West Ridge (no ab tat on the block) and the Coire below (no need to go on snow now) before heading down for tea and medals…. and a lot of rehydration therapy!
 Sweating in
 First Pinnacle
 Iain in the gap
 Sunshine and views
 Knights Peak, 3rd Pinnacle behind
 Topping out on Knight's Peak
 Summit of Sgurr Nan Gillean
 Welcome to The Cuillin
 Through the window
 Heading down
Bring on the first stream!!!

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