Tuesday 6 May 2014

Swing, CWA and happy students

Spent a day with my son yesterday building rope swings in the woods near home and teaching him to coil a rope. This evening was he third of 4 directing a CWA Training. I was with half the team at Bunkhouse Bouldering looking at bouldering (strangely enough), games and simple movement coaching.
 Flaking it out
 King of the swingers
 Sticky hands
Bunkhouse Bouldering

I also got a wonderful email from Jen who i was out with last thursday and friday:

"Wanted to say a super thank you, we had a brilliant time Thursday/Friday with you!

Thanks for being so patient with me- Ive been climbing for a long time but had plenty of demons frightening me off the lead. With your help I think I have solved all of the little niggling bits that were putting me off and now I'm confident its just a case of time under tension which I am more psyched about doing because I feel pretty confident on my skills and know that Ade is on the same page as me! I feel like I have gained a lot of freedom to go and enjoy the climbing now! So thanks, you nailed it for us!

Will be seeing you on the hill,

Jen and Ade"

They've also been out crushing routes over the weekend- nothing better than seeing your clients outgrow a need for you!!!

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