Friday 9 May 2014

Top fun at Tavool canyoning stag do

Rich's stag do the last 2 days was at the lovely Tavool House (a great quiet base for any group of outdoor minded folk) on Mull. After a late first night there were a few sleepy heads but that changed once Andy got us into the canyon. I only canyon for fun, not work and every time I do something slightly unusual happens. On this occasion we found 2 bolts that had taken a battering, probably from rocks forced down the canyon under spate conditions. One was bent open and the other bent crooked. They were still fit for the job but will need to be replaced. We also found a possible culprit in the shape of an enormous chockstone that forms a recent addition to the lower part of the canyon.
After coffee and cake… and a huge curry various merry making ensued (one ibble dibbler had a record 13 dibble ibbles- don't ask), the stag arm wrestled all pleasant Andy proved himself pretty strong and flexible for one of the oldest in the party Richard sampled the nightlife through mud and bushes, with blacked out goggles on late at night- under the belief, at least temporarily that we were in the same boat and Jamie made bizarre faces whilst trying to move a 50p piece that he was under the mistaken belief was perched on his forehead… and the odd bottle of beer/wine/port/rum/whiskey was seen off too depending on for tastes. Cheers to Andy and Hebridean Pursuits for the venue, the food the activities and cheers all for the craic. A very civilised couple of days with a relatively well behaved team!
 Sleepy stag about to get a wet wake up
 Morning shower
 Battered bolts
 Andy coming down
 That rock is new
 Brian heading for the chockstone
 Chilly but happy
 Looing back up the slot to the chockstone
 Steve bridging
 Andy diving
 Last falls
 Over the edge
 Behind the falls as another one comes down
 Andy sans ripe
 Rich following the nightlife
Jamie trying to move the 50p… that wasn't there!

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