Saturday, 12 September 2015

All good things come to an end...

…including the weather. Today I was out to offer Dave some advice on instructing climbing (he's working towards completing the MIA). We had a couple of willing volunteers who wanted to learn and despite some very windy and intermittently wet weather worked through 8 pitches of climbing with the students developing their climbing skills.
Definitely felt like autumn had arrived today though!
 Styx Buttress Right Wall- wet...
 …and dry
 Freja heading down
 First runner on the Gutter
 The top of pitch 3
Quick Dave! Its getting wet

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Unknown said...

Good job Alan! I found your blog by accident, but I want to tell something about your website. It's very nice that you want to give someone free advices about climbing to volunteers. I like people who are willing to help someone for free from time to time. Regards!