Friday, 25 September 2015

Observing peer coaches at work

Today I was working for West Highland College but I wasn't in the front line instructing. My job today was to observe several of my fellow Instructors at work as part of the College's policy of sharing practise. I'm really pleased that WHC consider it important for us to do this as its a great opportunity for all involved to learn from each other. I watched Mike, Dennis and Craig each working with a group of their own and at a different place in their development. Then it was back to the College to Ali in stores to provide some advice on inspection and give him some feedback from instructional staff on the racks they provide us with. Finally a spell at the computer to write up the observations and stores chat and thoughts on how we manage staff out and about.
 Kate getting reedy to fly (warming up actually)
 Getting an early runner
 Mike in close attendance
 Coaching points
 Ready to commit
 Air time!
A lead climbing progression
 Happy climber
High five partner!

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