Friday 4 September 2015

Aonach Eagach-better than saturday!

I'm on my old phone after my triple waterproofed phone still managed to drown on saturday (and we turned back). Today Tim joined me pre MIA Assessment to take Ian, Ian and Stuart along the Aonach Eagach for Steve Fallon. With a worsening forecast we put the pedal down on the first long climb catching 2 other large teams who remained just behind us all day. We had good vis until the summit of Am Bodach and dry weather until the last drop before the long climb to the second munro of the day. Here we had a steady breeze and mizzley rain. Dropping down out of the cloud it grew dry again for the end of the day. Well down to all and well done to Tim who had battled sleet and rain on Liathach yesterday and still had a very heavy wet rope ;-)

 Good views on the way up
 Ian in the chimney with Tim, Stuart and Ian behind
 'Along that?!'
 Busy times on the Pinnacles
Hmmm, think I need a shave!


Anonymous said...

Top day alan.We really enjoyed it & hope to see you again soon.Thanks the 2 ians!!

Alan said...

Glad you enjoyed it guys… fingers crossed for sunshine the next time we meet!