Monday, 21 September 2015

Back to the mountains!

After 2 days great craving at Reiff today I was working for Steve Fallon on the Aonach Eagach. Pete and I took the 2 Daves on an atmospheric traverse. There was almost no rain but the cloud came and went on the crest of the ridge whilst the Glens on either side often had sunshine making for some great light. The lack of rain meant things weren't too greasy either.
Great to bump into Vicki who was jogging across the ridge- I remember coaching her at the Glasgow Climbing Centre as a wee stick insect- no she's a grown up woman of the world! Feeling old- and not just because of my knees after the descent!!
 Descent from Am Bodach
 The Chimney
 Cloud above sunshine beyond
 Come on down Dave
 Not a bad weather day at all
 Yes Dave, we are going along there
 Dave enjoying the scrambling
 Passing the 2 pinnacles
 Nearly at the end of the fun bit
 Pete and Dave on the move
A brew before the climb to our second Munro of the day


David said...

Great day, thank you Alan.
David (beardless)

Alan said...

Thanks David! Well done!