Monday 7 December 2015

CPD:Winter ML and Adventure Sports Coaching

A lot of people find CPD onerous, expensive and time consuming and where your outdoor qualifications are multi discipline or not your main source of income I can sympathise with the time and costs. But I have to confess to being a CPD junkie and autumn is definitely CPD time for me.
I'm at Glenmore Lodge and on Saturday it was the Mountain Training Scotland Winter Mountain Leader Providers/Directors/Trainers meeting where we all got together to talk about the provision of the Award. We had a good update on what the Lodge are doing in terms of researching their use of TSP and where it fits into a wider information gathering process that SAFOS are doing and then a great chat on how we deal with various syllabus areas to ensure a common standard between everyone.
On sunday it was the first Glenmore Lodge AdventureSports Coaching Conference with 67 coaches from the climbing, skiing, orietneering, paddlesports and biking worlds coming together for a great series of sessions about what we do as adventure sports coaches. The theme of the day was less tips and tricks for your coaching and more about the underpinning philosophy of how we go about creating independent decision makers when working with our students. For me there was some confirmation, some repetition, some clarification and some new ideas.
Next up some pre winter staff training at the Lodge.

CPD: an opportunity to learn from others, a time for self checking,  a chance to get better at my job. What's not to like?
 Would you trust these men? Current and former Chairs of MTS
 Derek updating providers on what GL are researching
 Doug kicks of the ASC Conference
 Scott illustrating Doug's gaze
 What is says on the tin
Breakout sessions

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