Wednesday 9 December 2015

The Training continues!

I've been at Glenmore Lodge for the last 2 days at the core staff induction for winter. Its great to be training with a strong, varied and experienced team and we've been looking at a variety of issues including: the research the Lodge are doing on transceivers, shovels and probe teaching on their courses and some further training for those non skiers amongst us who don't use them a great deal, how we create a culture of sharing information and team teaching within the staff team and where we pitch the use of direct snow belays personally and with those we are teaching. A fun and informative couple of days. They are still at it today but I had to come back west before my children forgot what I looked like and to prep for a couple of days on the hill coming up.
 Bill sharing a point
 TSP reminder and update
 Active learning
 Mark upskilling us
 The team
 Learning should be fun- even for us!
 Transceiver antenna range checks
 Doug explaining micro strip searching
 A culture of team teaching
A motley crew!!

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