Friday 11 December 2015

Ploutering about on Ben Nevis

Defn: Plouter "To wade about messily; walk in a clumsy way"

After a nice night out with friends from the Association of Mountaineering Instructors (cheers for organising Ken) it was another day out looking at decision making with West Highland College Students on Ben Nevis today. The students had a Christmas Ceilidh last night so it was a much depleted group (of 2!) who turned out today. Youth of today- can't hack the pace!

A big change from yesterday as a great deal of snow had arrived!
Same spot today!
It was quite a wade/posthole/flounder/plowter into Coire na Ciste and we observed a number of natural avalanches down No.5 Gully. The crags are however looking whiter and some ice is forming in cracks and corners that wasn't there yesterday. Good to see Geoff who was stretching his recently repaired leg and making good decisions too (he headed down from the Hut!). The freezing level had gone up as we descended and there are probably some options for steep mixed tomorrow but there is a huge depth of snow in places.
 Hoofing it down
 Break time
 Carn Dearg
 Observatory Ridge
 Drifts were face deep!
 Ice forming
 Snow flowing
Attack! Attack!
 Run away! Run away (can you see the snow waterfall top right?)
A bit wild for a moment!
Heading down.

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